Movie Games

  • Cinema Rush
    Cinema Rush
    Played 3226 times

    Don’t panic! Keep calm...and shovel popcorn.

  • Movie Star Dressing Up
    Movie Star Dressing Up
    Played 1346 times

    Create the picture-perfect look for this leading lady's stylish acceptance speech!

  • Scratch Wars
    Scratch Wars
    Played 911 times

    Get ready for one of the best adventure games out there on the browser, Scratch Wars! Fight against Darth Vader and his minions as you journey through the Death Star.

  • Age of War
    Age of War
    Played 873 times

    Try to survive and destroy the enemy base!

  • MovieStar
    Played 464 times

    Do you have what it takes to live the life of a movie star? It may not be as easy as it looks!

  • Fortz
    Played 405 times

    The enemy is about to attempt an aerial bombardment. Quick, get to the fort and defend it!

  • Ancient Powers
    Ancient Powers
    Played 266 times

    When you toy with magic, you're playing with fire, wind, water, earth... and gravity!

  • Kissing in the Cinema
    Kissing in the Cinema
    Played 219 times

    Going to the movies just got a whole lot more interesting.

  • Sci-Fi Warrior
    Sci-Fi Warrior
    Played 205 times

    Create your own Sci-Fi Warrior in this amazingly beautiful 2D graphic dress up game on your browser. Choose from a wide variety of clothing, make-up, and special effects!

  • Cinema Kiss
    Cinema Kiss
    Played 200 times

    Are you ready for your close-up with this handsome hunk?

  • Movie Date Prep
    Movie Date Prep
    Played 196 times

    It’s movie night for this cute couple. Can you help them get ready for an evening at their favorite cinema? They’ll need to choose some cool clothes before they leave the house in this dress up game for girls.

  • BFFs Night Out
    BFFs Night Out
    Played 195 times
  • Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Ice Queen Pregnant Check-up
    Played 194 times
  • Princesses Movie Night
    Princesses Movie Night
    Played 193 times

    This princess is hosting a movie night for all of her fabulous friends. Help her gather some snacks before she picks out a cool outfit. She’ll also need help figuring out what film they should watch in this simulation game.

  • Princess Movie Night
    Princess Movie Night
    Played 145 times

    These two princesses are enjoying a relaxing night in their castle. Can you help them unwind with a movie and some awesome junk food in this online game for girls?

  • Freeze the bad guys
    Freeze the bad guys
    Played 144 times

    Bad guys are coming in from everywhere and you need to stop them the only way you know how. Get ready for this action packed game, Freeze the Bad Guys!

  • Beauty Salon Makeover
    Beauty Salon Makeover
    Played 130 times

    Makeovers are like art: they start with a clean canvas.

  • Plagueheart
    Played 125 times

    An enchanted army is raiding the kingdom. Only you, and a substantial amount of magic, can stop it.

  • Ice Princess Hair Salon
    Ice Princess Hair Salon
    Played 102 times
  • Optimus Breakout
    Optimus Breakout
    Played 88 times

    Tanks are about to destroy and besiege Optimus. Upgrade equipment to turn Optimus into autobot and make this mean machine stronger to help the hero break free. Are you up for a transformation into the explosive world of the ultimate truck?

  • Monster Racer Rush
    Monster Racer Rush
    Played 84 times

    Things are bound to get a little crazy when these monsters start racing to the finish line.

  • Baby Monster: Nose Doctor
    Baby Monster: Nose Doctor
    Played 79 times

    A dastardly alien attacked this young monster and now her nose is broken. Let’s get her to a doctor...

  • Princess Oscar Ceremony
    Princess Oscar Ceremony
    Played 65 times
  • Princesses Movie Evening
    Princesses Movie Evening
    Played 57 times

    These two princesses are getting ready for a relaxing night at home with a movie. Can you help them prepare some nutritious snacks before they choose some comfy outfits in this online game for girls?

  • Fynsy's Wedding Salon
    Fynsy's Wedding Salon
    Played 56 times

    This princess is getting ready for her wedding. It’s just around the corner. Use your design skills to create a gorgeous gown for her big day in this free makeover game.

  • Academy Award Dress Up
    Academy Award Dress Up
    Played 52 times

    Can you make a real fashion statement on the red carpet!? This is one of the big events of the movie year!

  • Movie Munchies
    Movie Munchies
    Played 37 times

    It’s quite busy at the movie theatre today and all the patrons want lots of snacks. Will you be able to keep up with them?

  • Attack to Magix
    Attack to Magix
    Played 37 times
  • Ice Queen Closet
    Ice Queen Closet
    Played 35 times
  • Hollywood Movie Party for Princess
    Hollywood Movie Party for Princess
    Played 35 times

    It’s time for this busy princess to audition for a part in a new movie. Which role should she try out for though? Help her choose one in this delightful online game for girls. She’ll also need you to give her some of your fashion tips while she chooses the right outfit for the audition.

  • Remote Control
    Remote Control
    Played 33 times

    Move the remote to the TV and change channels when you have the chance!

  • One Piece: Hot Fight
    One Piece: Hot Fight
    Played 33 times

    Take to the seas with your favorite characters in this new fighting game of the One Piece series. Hot Fight is unlike any other One Piece game: more characters, combos and stages to explore. Unlock each character’s hidden potential and become the best fighter in the ring. Can you handle the heat?

  • Movie Maker
    Movie Maker
    Played 30 times

    Become steven spielberg and shoot the best movies ever!

  • Famous Filthy Kids
    Famous Filthy Kids
    Played 30 times

    These tots got a little dirty while pretending to be their favorite movie characters. Help them clean up.

  • Orc Attack
    Orc Attack
    Played 29 times

    Join Legolas and his colleagues while they battle hordes of orcs that threaten Middle Earth.

  • Toothless Flu Doctor
    Toothless Flu Doctor
    Played 28 times

    Toothless the dragon isn’t feeling his beastly best today. Can you help him feel better?