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Tropical Match

Tropical Match is a beautiful match-3 puzzle game set on a tropical island. Enjoy upbeat steel drum music as you explore +600 levels in this tropical paradise. Match exotic fruits, vibrant flowers, and more!

How to play Tropical Match?

Line up three or more of the same icons to remove them from the board. The panel to the left shows which items you need to collect or clear away. You’ll also see how many moves you have left.

Swap two neighboring tiles to move items around the board. Tap an icon and swipe it toward the items you want it to switch places with. Each move must result in a valid match.

Some tiles cannot be moved. You can clear them by matching the icons directly next to them. Other tiles are covered in rocks. Create valid matches over these tiles to sweep away the debris.

Matching 4 or 5 tiles will yield line bombs and color bombs. You can even merge bombs to create a more powerful explosion. Any moves left after completing the level objective(s) will also transform into bombs for a final cascade of bonus points.

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Who created Tropical Match?

Tropical Match was created by Softgames. 

When was Tropical Match first released?

This game was first released in June, 2024.