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Subway Clash 2

Your next mission is about to get underway in Subway Clash 2. Grab your gear, check your weapons, and head into battle in this thrilling online game.

In this action game, you and your team will storm an old subway depot in Moscow that's the current hideout of the Witnesses of the Illyich. Led by the infamous terrorist leader Bonch-Buyevich, they're a fantatical religious sect that's determined to set off a series of dirty bombs in subway tunnels located all across the city.

Use your impressive skills as a special forces operative to infiltrate the depot and put an end to their evil scheme once and for all. Every living soul in Moscow is depending on you and your elite team of commandos!

How to Play Subway Clash 2?

Subway Clash 2 is an intense shooting game. Lead a group of commandos into an abandoned depot in the Moscow Metro. You've been assigned to hunt down and eliminate a group of relentless religious fanatics who are using it as their hideout. Can you eliminate them before they launch a series of deadly terrorist attacks around the city?

Game Controls


  • MOVE THE MOUSE to change the camera angle.
  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.


  • PRESS THE ARROW KEYS OR W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS G to toss a grenade.
  • PRESS C to crouch.
  • PRESS L to lock your mouse.

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Who Developed Subway Clash 2?

Subway Clash 2 was created by Freeway Interactive.