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Pool Party 3

Pool Party 3 is a waterpark-themed match-3 game. Join Bunni in the pool and pop the colorful water balloons to complete each puzzle.

How to play Pool Party 3?

Line up three identical water balloons to create a match and pop them. You can move the water balloons on the board by making two neighbouring ones swap places. Tap on a balloon and drag it to a neighboring square up, down, left or right. Each move must directly result in a match.

On the panel to the left of the board, you’ll see which balloons you have to collect to complete the level, and how many moves you have left to complete this objective.

Game Controls

Tap a balloon and drag it to a neighboring square.

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Who created Pool Party 3?

Pool Party 3 was created by SoftGames.

When was Pool Party 3 first released?

This game was first released on October 6, 2023.