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Parrot Simulator

No one ever said being a bird was easy! Find out if you’re up to the task in Parrot Simulator.

There's tons of stuff to do in this animal game. Customize your parrot before you take flight. You’ll need to explore a lush forest and a few meadows while you go in search of food and work on building a new home for yourself. Just make sure it’s a bit roomy! You’ll need to leave at least a little bit of space for your baby chicks.

How to Play Parrot Simulator?

Parrot Simulator offers a glimpse into the life of a parrot. You can hunt for prey, improve your abilities, and even raise a family.

Game Controls


  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menu.
  • LEFT CLICK to attack.


  • PRESS W, A, S, D to move.
  • PRESS THE SPACEBAR to take off.
  • PRESS E to jump or fly upward.
  • PRESS Q to fly downward.
  • PRESS SHIFT to speed up.
  • PRESS H to hide the controls.
  • PRESS L to lock or unlock the cursor.

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Can I Play Parrot Simulator on Mobile?

Yup! You can download the game from Google Play.

Who Developed Parrot Simulator?

Parrot Simulator was created by CyberGoldfinch.