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Parkour Climb

How far will you get in Parkour Climb? Keep going for as long as you can in this parkour free running game.

This fearless traceur is determined to reach the top of one of two incredibly tall buildings. Join him while he avoids everything from sleeping cats to air conditioners during his ascent in this platform game. If he bumps into any of them, he'll have to start all over again!

How to Play Parkour Climb?

Parkour Climb is a fast-paced jumping game. Bounce between the two buildings while you avoid various obstacles including balconies and window washers. There's also helpful boosters you can collect like force fields and jetpacks!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to bounce back and forth between the buildings.

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Who Developed Parkour Climb?

Parkour Climb was created by MarketJS.