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Oil Tycoon 2

Will you strike it rich in Oil Tycoon 2? Take control of a complex drilling operation in this fun and challenging management game.

You'll be managing clueless interns who are just starting their careers as well as far more experienced drillers, but that's just the beginning. You'll also need to decide where to drill, how best to expand your operations, and construct a few pipelines as well. See if you can develop both an excellent reputation and a powerful oil company in this clicker game.

How to Play Oil Tycoon 2?

Have you got what it takes to hit the big time in Oil Tycoon 2? Show off your management skills while you attempt to turn a single oil rig into a hugely successful corporation in this simulation game. Click to earn cash while you decide who to hire, what to build, and more.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to earn money, hire employees, and more.

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Who Developed Oil Tycoon 2?

Oil Tycoon 2 was created by Holy Cow Studio.