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Prepare yourself for a few duels to the death in Nitro!

Grab your lance and climb aboard a rocket in this futuristic .io game. You'll be going up against other knights as you try to collect coins called ducats and attempt to accomplish various other goals in each action-packed level.

Will you be able to drive your opponents into the dust during your epic quest for fortune and glory? More importantly, will you be able to grab enough ducats to buy a hovercraft, a speeder bike, or another really cool vehicle? Any of those will really help you improve your virtual jousting skills!

How to Play Nitro

Nitro is a thrilling action game. Team up with a knight as he tries to conquer his opponents, collect lots of ducats, buy new vehicles, and more!

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your knight.
  • LEFT CLICK to attack.

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Who Developed Nitro

Nitro was created by Nikita Osyak.