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Hyper Survive

Hyper Survive is a resource gathering roguelite in which you have to collect wood and scrap metal to build up your stronghold and protect yourself against the zombies.

How to play Hyper Survive?

Start by chopping some wood. Collect and carry it to the nearby slots to start building fences to protect the surrounding area. Create lumberyards and machines to store and refine the resources you can gather.

Sometimes you will see other stickmen outside of the perimeter. Rescue them and bring them inside your stronghold so that they can assist you. Build gun turrets to shoot the zombies, and collect coins to upgrade your weapons.

Complete all of the objectives in each area (shown at the top of the screen) to unlock the gas station. Then, refuel your jeep and venture into the post-apocalyptic desert to create the next human stronghold.

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Who created Hyper Survive?

Hyper Survive was created by Boombit. 

When was Hyper Survive first released?

This game was first released on May 21, 2024.