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Mr Noob Hook Hero

Swing through the air like you just don't care in Mr. Noob Hook Hero! Can you reach the finish lines in this exciting hook game?

Mr. Noob just got his hands on a grappling hook that will let him zoom around just like Spider-Man. Unfortunately, he's a bit new at this. His name is Mr. Noob, after all! Without you helping him out in this totally crazy and really retro action game, he'll probably slam into a spinning saw blade or fall to his doom!

There's also enemies scattered through plenty of the 24 levels that await you. Many of them have swords they won't hesitate to chuck right at Mr. Noob's head! Help him dodge these and other dangers while he bounces off trampolines, grabs lots of coins, and looks for keys to unlock treasure chests. There's plenty of skins and cool costumes he'll be able to buy between levels, too.

How to Play Mr. Noob Hook Hero?

Can you prevent Mr. Noob from getting terribly injured in this funny skill game? Keep him moving with his new grappling hook. He'll need to avoid enemies and other hazards as he tries to reach the finish line at the end of each level.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to activate Mr. Noob's grappling hook.

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Who Developed Mr. Noob Hook Hero?

Mr. Noob Hook Hero was created by Kiz10.