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Happy Racing Online

This biker is a real daredevil! Will you be able to help him stay safe in Happy Racing Online?

If you want to keep him in a good mood, you’ll have to prevent him from landing on his head while he flies off ramps and even finds himself riding backward down platforms! The city he's exploring is full of complicated streets that are lined with super sharp spikes and even explosive mines.

Fortunately, there's also tons of coins for him to collect, too! You can use those to unlock his friends and their really cool bikes in this awesome racing game.

How to Play Happy Racing Online?

Can you keep this biker and his friends safe while they ride around the streets of a really crazy city? Help them avoid various dangers as they attempt to reach the finish line in each exciting level.

Game Controls

  • PRESS W to speed up.
  • PRESS S to brake.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW OR RIGHT ARROW to lean backward or forward.

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Who Developed Happy Racing Online?

Happy Racing Online was created by