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Google Feud

Welcome to Google Feud. It’s a diabolically clever autocomplete game. What are people trying to find out as they enter questions into Google? That’s where you come in. Use your knowledge of topics ranging from pop culture to history while you learn how much you actually know about the world’s most widely used search engine. 

Family Feud, a quite popular American game show, inspired this brain game. Take a look at each one of the common Google queries and find out if you can fill in the blanks. You’ll be attempting to come up with relevant responses concerning everything from celebrities to cats to celebrity’s cats and cats who just so happen to be celebrities! But seriously, there is a very wide variety of questions you’ll need to answer in this fun and challenging trivia game. 

How to play Google Feud?

How far will you make it once you begin playing this fun game? You’ll need to complete a wide array of Google queries. Your goal? To correctly guess the missing content in at least three of the most common ones. 

Game controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE while you consider categories and buttons. 
  • LEFT CLICK to choose them. 


  • USE THE KEYBOARD to type in your responses during each round. 

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Who developed Google Feud? 

The American video game developer and writer Justin Hook created Google Feud. It won the ‘People's Voice’ Webby Award for Games in 2016.