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Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming

Prepare for battle in Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming. Explore the massive 3D world of Westeros in this epic MMO game based on the hit series! 

Quickly gather as many allies as you can because there’s no telling when you’ll be plunged into an intense struggle against one of your rivals. You may also find yourself grappling with a horde of White Walkers anywhere from the gates of Winterfell to the center of King’s Landing! Show them all no mercy while you construct a mighty castle, gradually improve your skills, and assemble an army capable of striking fear into the hearts of every last one of them.

Jump into the shoes or boots of many of your favorite characters from Game of Thrones, the incredibly popular HBO series from the 2010s that's still captivating audiences all around the world. You’ll be going up against at least a few of the show's devoted fans in the real-time battles that await you in this multiplayer simulation game. Forge strong alliances or wage war on them as you try to seize the throne!

How to Play Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming?

How long will you survive once you find yourself in the middle of Westeros in this action-packed strategy game? Your soldiers will be depending on you to guide them as they challenge the forces of evil and/or those controlled by other gamers from all over the globe!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to send units into battle, make strategic choices, and much more.

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Who Developed Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming?

Game of Thrones: Winter is Coming was created by by Yoozoo Games and BigPoint.