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Who will be the first one to cross the finish line in this surfing competition? It’s time to find out in

Select a surfer and head to the starting line where the next competition is about to begin in this racing game. Perform amazing flips to blast past the other players. You’ll need perfect timing and awesome moves to slide into first place! 

How to Play is a multiplayer racing game. The goal is to be the first surfer to cross the finish line. Perform flips during each race to pick up speed and zoom past your opponents. 

Game Controls 


  • USE THE ARROWS to move left and right. 
  • HOLD THE SPACEBAR to perform a flip. 
  • LET GO OF THE SPACEBAR to make your surfer land. 


  • CLICK AND HOLD THE LEFT BUTTON to perform a flip. 
  • LET GO OF THE LEFT BUTTON to make your surfer land. 

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