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Dungeon Fury

You’ll have to be fast and maybe a little bit furious during this epic adventure! Can you help the knight avoid almost certain peril in Dungeon Fury?

His journey will take him deep into the depths of a gigantic dungeon. It's full of super sharp spikes, pits of boiling acid, and other deadly dangers. He's great at jumping, but he gets lost easily.

That's where you come in. Will you be able to keep him moving in the right direction in this endless running game while he, literally, bounces off the walls? 

How to Play Dungeon Fury?

Dungeon Fury is a retro platform game. Try to keep the knight safe while he explores a complex dungeon. You’ll need to collect every coin in each level before a gate opens and grants him access to the next one. 

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK to jump.
  • LEFT CLICK AGAIN to double jump.


  • PRESS R to restart.

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Who Developed Dungeon Fury?

Dungeon Fury was created by CASoftware.