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Clean The Ocean

Clean The Ocean is a fun educational game launched in collaboration with football superstar Lionel Messi and Join the Planet. This game celebrates the release of signed replicas of Messi’s lucky left boot. This limited run collector’s item is made out of recycled plastic fished out of the Paraná River in Messi’s hometown, Rosario, in Argentina.

But the Paraná River is just one of a great many waterways, lakes, and oceans polluted by plastic waste. So in this game, you can continue the important work to save the earth by cleaning up more rivers and seas.

How to play Clean The Ocean?

Use your boat to search for plastic and other trash floating in the water. Cast your net and haul aboard any rubbish you can find. When your boat is full, sail back to your base to sort the trash into the right recycling bins.

To recycle, pick up the correct items and move them to the open bin. Once you have removed all of the items matching that bin, the next container will open. When all of the trash has been sorted, you can return to your boat and search for more materials to recycle.

Cleaning the ocean will gradually improve the quality of the water. You’ll start seeing the difference in the areas you’ve cleaned up. Keep going, and unlock longer nets, more loading space on the boat, and new areas to explore!

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to control the boat
  • The net will be cast automatically when you move the boat close enough to any floating trash

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Who created Clean The Ocean?

Clean The Ocean was created by Azerion Casual Games.

When was Clean The Ocean first released?

This game was first released on March 1, 2024.