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What the Hen!

What The Hen! is a hilariously wacky CCG (Collectible Card Game) battle arena adventure full of crazy cartoon characters, fierce fights, and exciting clan competitions. Join the mad hunt for the chicken wizard!

How to play What The Hen! ?

Join the quest to chase the chicken wizard all over the map. In each lane-based arena battle you will encounter other sorcerers and summoners. Defeat them to progress through the game, earning gold, gems, and new characters and spells along the way.

Use your collectible cards to summon quirky heroes, such as the sturdy housewife Angela and her frying pan, Under-Average Joe the villager, Puzzi the rabid imp, and many more. Each character will cost a number of golden eggs to summon, and more powerful characters tend to come with a slower cooldown time. 

Collect gold and additional cards in battle to upgrade your characters and increase their strength. You can also unlock summoning cards to call up special spells and mythical beasts.

Beyond Mission 7, you can also battle other players in the Arena, and after Mission 14 you’ll be able to join a clan and participate in Clan Competitions. 

Game Controls

Use the mouse to select cards and summon heroes.

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Who created What The Hen! ?

What The Hen! was created by Charged Monkeys. 

When was What The Hen! first released?

The What the Hen! game app was first released in 2016, and has undergone various expansions and revisions since. This edition of the web-based version was released in October of 2023.