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It's another busy night in Spaceugh!

Can you safely transport these astronauts to various hangers located around their space base? It's a tough gig, especially for the time-traveling Neandtherthal in this challenging space game that’s a sequel to the classic '90s action game Ugh! He's trying to keep a cool head while dodging flying saucers and attempting to keep his rocketship in one piece.

Keep an eye on his shield and fuel meters while he gets the astronauts to their destinations. He can earn cash to upgrade his ship and even buy new ones between levels. With you lending him a hand, this prehistoric pilot is sure to stay employed and avoid getting booted back to the Stone Age!

How to play Spaceugh?

Spaceugh is a fun and intense physics-based flying game. Help the Neanderthal transport astronauts to hangers located around their space base while he tries to avoid crashing or frying them with his ship’s exhaust flames!

Game Controls

  • PRESS THE UP ARROW to lift off.
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to go right.
  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to go left.

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Who Developed Spaceugh?

Spaceugh was created by TastyAir.