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Real Squid 3D

Help the squids strike back in Real Squid 3D! Form a squad of super squids to break through barriers and blast past hungry humans in this racing game!

A single squid on its own will never make it to the finish lines in this 3D action game that was inspired by Squid Game, the popular Netflix series. He'll need to make some friends and fast while he encounters a variety of barriers and humans who are determined to eat him. Form an army of nearly invincible invertebrates as you blast through each obstacle course. Only a truly super squid squad will reach the final level!

How to Play Real Squid 3D?

Gather as many squids as you can while you maneuver through the obstacle course in each level of this skill game. Avoid the humans and aim for barriers that will increase the number of squids at your disposal. Just be sure to watch out for the barriers that will reduce their ranks.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to guide your squid squad.

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Who Developed Real Squid 3D?

Real Squid 3D was created by Justforward.