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OddBods: Looney Ballooney

Fuse is about to begin an amazing adventure in OddBods: Looney Ballooney!

The sky's the limit in this adorable OddBods game that's based on the popular animated series from One Animation. Fuse has a tummy full of pancakes, and he’s ready to spend the day exploring the neighborhood, but not on foot. He’ll be taking flight in this cute puzzle game that's great for kids of all ages!

A hot air balloon would really come in handy right about now, but all Fuse has is a few much smaller balloons. They’ll help him float around. Unfortunately, there’s a bunch of annoying objects that keep blocking his path, and he’s really getting frustrated.

Could you get them out of his way so his journey can continue? Fuse would really appreciate it. Plus, you probably know how upset he can get. He’ll really blow his top if a cactus pops his balloons!

How to Play OddBods: Looney Ballooney?

Tag along with Fuse while he floats around the OddBods' neighborhood in this awesome adventure game. Remove the objects that are blocking his flight path in each fun and challenging level.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate through the menu.
  • LEFT CLICK on the objects that are blocking Fuse’s path.

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Who Developed OddBods: Looney Ballooney?

One Animation created OddBods: Looney Ballooney.