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Knights and Brides

An enchanted kingdom filled with adventure awaits you in Knights and Brides

Your first task is to decide whether you’ll be pursuing fortune and fame as a brave warrior or a fearless maiden. It’s also your 16th birthday, which means it’s time to begin managing your very own estate or camp. Even with a group of devoted gnomes helping you out, that won’t be easy. 

You’ll need to jump in your airship and go in search of precious resources when you’re not repairing buildings, tending to your chickens, and much more in this medieval game. There might also be a great romance in your near future. You could find yourself falling madly in love with a courageous knight or a beautiful bride! 

How to play Knights and Brides? 

Knights and Brides is a multiplayer simulation game that lets you manage either a camp or an estate. Search for resources, go on adventures, collect bonuses, and more while you attempt to become a powerful leader.

Game controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to navigate menus, inspect your estate or camp, etc. 
  • LEFT CLICK to choose various items, characters, and make choices.


  • An entire kingdom to explore. 
  • Alliances you can form with your friends and neighbours. 
  • Daily bonuses and other rewards. 
  • Regular updates and awesome events in fantastical regions like Machine Island. 
  • What are a few tips and tricks for Knights and Brides? 
  • Make friends with other players as quickly as you can to send and request gifts.
  • Some items may seem useless but hang on to them. You never know when they might come in handy. 
  • Plant crops as soon as you can. They grow slowly, but they’re a great way to earn money. 
  • Idols and admirers will really help you out. You can have two of each. 

Looking for more tips and tricks?

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