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Draw Knife

So many bad guys, so little time! Can you help this brave guy take care of them in Draw Knife?

He'll be going after them with his trusty blade, but there's tons of stuff in the way. You'll need to create a path for it in this unique drawing game. Will you be able to eliminate the villains who are waiting for you in each challenging level? There could be three or more of them!

How to Play Draw Knife?

Draw Knife is an action-packed puzzle game. Create a path for the knife while you try to wipe out the enemies in every level. There's also coins you can earn to buy better blades along the way.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to create a route for the knife.
  • UNCLICK to throw it.

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Who Developed Draw Knife? 

Draw Knife was created by BPTop.