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Down The Mountain

The slopes of this mountain are really dangerous. Just ask this cow! That's why she's trying to make an escape in Down the Mountain

If you like classic arcade games like Q*bert, you’ll love this one. Join the cow for what's sure to turn into an epic and very cute adventure. She’ll have to deal with everything from hungry mountain lions to pools of lava during her trek. There's also treasure chests for her to find along the way. Just watch out for all those sticky sandwiches! 

Kogama: The Elevator and Boxel Rebound are two skill games you should also try out. 

How to Play Down the Mountain?

Down the Mountain is an action game where you’ll guide a cow as she tries to reach a valley. She needs to avoid many different dangers including speeding cars, bottles of poison, explosives, and more! 

Game Controls 


  • USE THE MOUSE to select characters, modes, and more in the menus. 


  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to jump left. 
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to jump right. 

Who Developed Down the Mountain? 

Down the Mountain was created by Umbrella Games.