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Doodieman Bazooka

Enter a very smelly world in Doodieman Bazooka. This strange superhero is using the power of his own posterior in this physics-based aim and shoot game!

Sure, he could break out a few grenades or unleash a barrage of bullets on his enemies, but he'd rather poop all over them instead! Team up with Doodieman as he unleashes his fecal fury on evil clowns, rampaging zombies, and plenty of other bad guys! Let's just hope his digestive system doesn't explode before you complete every level of this totally hilarious action game.

How to Play Doodieman Bazooka?

Toss some tremendous turds in Doodieman Bazooka! You’ll be teaming up with a very stinky superhero in this crazy online game as he fights a variety of villains.

Game Controls

  • UNCLICK to launch a piece of doodie.

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Who Developed Doodieman Bazooka?

Doodikeman Bazooka was created by

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