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Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure

Life isn’t easy when you’re a killdozer. There’s soooooo many enemies to deal with, tons of stuff that can destroy you, and, well, the headaches never end. Can you help this one get through another busy day of total mayhem in Car Eats Car: Winter Adventure?

There’s lots of precious gems he’s trying to collect on the slopes of a snow-covered mountain in this car game. During his epic journey, he’ll have to tangle with rampaging construction vehicles, dangerous traps, and even totally weird snowman pendulums.

Mad Day 2 and Hill Racing Challenge are two more awesome racing games that will keep you on the edge of your seat.

Game Controls

W or UP ARROW to speed up.
A or LEFT ARROW to tilt backward.
S or DOWN ARROW to brake.
D or RIGHT ARROW to tilt forward.
X, L or SHIFT for turbo. 
SPACE to use a bomb.

About the Game Developer

Car Eats Car was made by the game development company Smokoko.