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Zombies vs. Halloween

Howdy, pardner! It looks like a nasty gang of the undead is determined to ruin the freakiest day of the year in Zombies vs. Halloween. Can you defend all the folks who are trying to celebrate the holiday in this zombie game

Those pesky monsters are rampaging their way through this Wild West town and the surrounding frontier. Will you be able to get rid of them in this rootin’ tootin’ Halloween game? Tag along with this fearless lawman while you wipe ‘em out with axes, clubs, and other weapons! 

If you like fighting zombies, you should go take on the ones in Special Squad vs. Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, and Zombie Hunter.

Game Controls 

LEFT ARROW to go left. 

RIGHT ARROW to go right.

SPACEBAR to use your weapon.


About the Game Developer 

 This game was made by Inlogic, a game studio based in Slovakia.