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The Hardest Game on Earth

Welcome to The Hardest Game on Earth

Its title is no understatement. This could, quite possibly, be the most difficult online game of all time. Will you make it all the way to the final level? Don’t get overconfident. You’ll need nerves of steel, quick reflexes, and plenty of patience in order to maintain your sanity during this retro avoiding game

Find out if you can meet the objectives in every level, which include dying a limited number of times and collecting coins while you dodge relentless moving traps that have some super sharp edges. Will you earn three stars while you play through each one? Just try to keep your cool. After all, this is The Hardest Game on Earth! 

How to play The Hardest Game on Earth? 

As its namely clearly reveals, this is a hard game. Try to keep your square safe as you lead it through a maze filled with danger. Collect coins and attempt to reach the safe zone in every thrilling level. 

Game controls 


  • USE THE ARROWS to move your square. 


  • LEFT CLICK AND DRAG to move your square as well. 

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