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Strike Breakout

Strike Breakout is a 3D shooting game in which you must carry out a daring rescue mission. Fly into enemy territory with your helicopter, and infiltrate the enemy base to rescue the Prime Minister and his security personnel.

Complete 10 thrilling missions to prevent a geopolitical disaster!

How to play Strike Breakout?

Wait for the helicopter to land. Take a good look around the area and check the radar to locate the enemy soldiers. You will also be able to pinpoint any hostages using the radar. Enemies show up as red dots. Hostages appear as blue dots.

Use the walls and rocks as cover and try to sneak up on your enemies. Gun them down before you get shot. If you do get injured, search for health packs (a white case with a green cross) to heal yourself. Hold E until the bar is full.

When you find a hostage, approach them and hold E until the bar is full. The hostage will get up and disappear to safety. Start by freeing the captive security personnel. The Prime Minister will be more heavily guarded.

Tips for playing Strike Breakout

Enemies and hostages showing up at the edges of the radar circle may be further away than they appear. Continue in that direction until they start shifting toward the center of the radar. Watch out for armed enemies hidden in watchtowers and other high perches!

Game Controls

  • Left Mouse Button = Shoot
  • Right Mouse Button = Use scope
  • Hold E = Interact (e.g. pick up items, rescue a person)
  • 1-5 = Change weapon
  • L = Lock/Unlock cursor

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Who created Strike Breakout?

Strike Breakout was created by Instant Games Studio.

When was Strike Breakout first released?

This game was first released on June 18, 2024.