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Space Pet Link

Space Pet Link is a quirky mahjong connect game featuring cute alien animals that are unlike any pets you’ve ever seen before. Spot the matching tiles and connect them to clear the board.

How to play Space Pet Link?

Your objective is to link the matching tiles and remove every pair from the board. Use the mouse to tap two tiles that can be combined.

However, two identical tiles can only be combined if a connecting line can run between them. This line cannot pass through other tiles and may not take more than two 90-degree bends. 

The game has two game modes:

  • In Easy Mode you have fewer tiles and more time.
  • In Hard Mode, there are fewer repeating tiles, and you also have fewer hints.

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Who created Space Pet Link?

Space Pet Link was created by Agame. 

When was Space Pet Link first released?

This game was first released on August 31, 2023.