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Rebel Gamio

Get ready to race in Rebel Gamio. Blast past your opponents while you try to make it through some totally outrageous obstacle courses in this running game.

Prove you're a true rebel while you use a variety of traps against the other racers. Trigger an explosion that will knock them practically all the way back to the starting line while you unlock gates, deal with spinning platforms, and more! Will you reach the end of each obstacle course before they do in this 3D racing game

How to Play Rebel Gamio?

Rebel Gamio is a fun and challenging multiplayer game that lets you play against your friends or other gamers. Try to get through a series of completely crazy obstacle courses full of gates, traps, and more.

Game Controls 

  • USE THE ARROWS to run. 

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Who Developed Rebel Gamio?

Rebel Gamio was created by Functu.