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Reach the Core

Your ship just ran out of fuel in Reach the Core. Can you find the resources you'll need to get it up and running again in this mining game?

You'll have to locate plenty of plasma to power up your ship and continue your journey in this futuristic strategy game. Send a powerful drilling vehicle called a miner down to the surface of the planet you’re orbiting to search for both it and other resources.

Steadily upgrade the miner with additional features as each day passes. You may have to drill all the way to the planet's core to find everything you’ll need and that could take a while, needless to say. It's going to be a big project!

How to Play Reach the Core?

You're the captain of a spaceship that just ran out of fuel in this arcade game. Use the miner to search for valuable minerals and other resources. How many days will pass before you gather enough plasma to power your ship?

Game Controls

  • USE A AND D OR THE ARROW KEYS to operate the miner. 

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Who Developed Reach the Core? 

Reach the Core was created by IceStone.