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Draw Tattoo

Working in a tattoo parlor isn’t easy! Step inside this one and get to work in Draw Tattoo

Each one of these customers wants a very specific tattoo. They’ve even brought along some designs. Do your best to recreate them on their arms in this tattoo game. You’ll need to use the right colors of ink and follow the patterns as closely as possible to earn cash you can use to upgrade the parlor. 

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How to Play Draw Tattoo?

Draw Tattoo is a simulation game where you’ll help a variety of customers who each want a cool tattoo. Try to earn lots of money while you create tattoos based on designs they’ve brought with them. 

Game Controls 

  • USE THE MOUSE to select items, choose colors of ink, and more. 
  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD while you use the needle. 

Who Developed Draw Tattoo? 

Draw Tattoo was created by BPTop.