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Christmas Pong

The classic game returns for the holiday season in Christmas Pong!

You’ll get to enjoy retro graphics and challenge the computer or another player in this old-fashioned arcade game. Relive the Christmases of years gone by while you knock the Santa back and forth across the screen with your candy cane paddle.

Even better, you'll be plopped in front of a virtual tube television straight out of the 1970s! You'll need to provide your own bean bag chair, shag carpet, and vinyl copy of John Denver's Rocky Mountain Christmas to get the full experience, though! Will you be able to score more points than your opponent in this nostalgic Christmas game?

How to Play Christmas Pong?

Christmas Pong is a holiday edition of the classic home console game. Use your candy cane paddle to knock the Santa back and forth across the screen. You’ll score a point every time you get him past your opponent's paddle.

Game Controls

PRESS THE SPACEBAR to begin the game.

Player 1

  • USE W AND S to move your paddle.

Player 2

  • USE THE UP AND DOWN ARROWS to move your paddle.

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Who Developed Christmas Pong?

Christmas Pong was created by Agame.