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Bomb Prank

You’ll have a blast in Bomb Prank!

Some familiar faces are waiting to take you on in this avoiding game. There’s a bomb located on the platform where you and your opponents will be competing against one another. It’s going to explode in just a few seconds!

Do your best to avoid going anywhere near the bomb. If you end up with it when it detonates, you’ll get blown into a million pieces! Oh, and avoid the edges of the platform, too. If you fall, it'll be game over!

How to Play Bomb Prank?

Bomb Prank is an intense action game. You’ll only have a few seconds to avoid a bomb that’s about to explode. If you can avoid getting blasted to bits, you’ll earn valuable coins and get to move on to the next level.

Game Controls

  • USE THE MOUSE to move your character.
  • LEFT CLICK to pass the bomb to an opponent.

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Who Developed Bomb Prank?

Bomb Prank was created by