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Run Rich 3D

The road to wealth and fame won’t be an easy one in Run Rich 3D. Can you become incredibly successful in this challenging 3D game?

You’ll be stepping into the shoes of a young woman who’s completely broke, but she has some very ambitious goals. In order to achieve them in this totally crazy platform game, she’s going to need to get her hands on tons of cash and fast! Help her make smart decisions and collect money during each level. She’ll need to avoid crooks, stay away from alcohol, and avoid spending too much on the internet!

How to Play Run Rich 3D?

Join a young woman as she tries to become rich and famous in this weird and wacky running game. Help her avoid various distractions and unhealthy items while she grabs lots of money. Can you help her become a popular celebrity before she reaches the finish line in each level?

Game Controls

  • MOVE THE MOUSE to go either left or right.

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Who Developed Run Rich 3D?

Run Rich 3D was created by YAD.