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Rocket Road

It's time to blast off! How far will you make it down the futuristic highway in Rocket Road

Leap into the driver's seat of the rocket in this skill game. The highway is lined with colored gates that will make your journey very challenging! Will you be able to cover a lot of ground or will your rocket wind up in the junkyard after a bad crash? It's time to find out! 

How to Play Rocket Road? 

In Rocket Road, you'll control a rocket as it races down a highway lined with colored orbs and gates. The gates will change the color of the rocket. You must then steer it toward orbs of the same color. If it collides with one of a different color, it will stop moving and the game will end. 

Game Controls 

  • PRESS THE LEFT ARROW to steer left. 
  • PRESS THE RIGHT ARROW to steer right. 

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Who Developed Rocket Road?

Rocket Road was created by PlayWorks.