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Puppy Merge

Puppy Merge looks at first glance like another fruit drop game, but the game mechanics are not what you might expect!

Instead of choosing the best places to drop the round puppies, they’ll come tumbling down automatically. To merge them, you must quickly sort through the growing pile of puppies and drag the matching pairs toward each other.

This concept might sound easier than a traditional Merge-2 fruit drop game, but don’t be fooled - it’s surprisingly tricky!

How to play Puppy Merge?

Merge two puppies to create a bigger one, and keep going until you’ve unlocked the ultimate dog. You can’t control where the puppies drop. Pick them up quickly and drag two matching pups toward each other until they touch.

The falling puppies are not allowed to spill over the edge of the box, so you’ll have to work quickly to keep the box from getting too crowded. Watch out you don’t accidentally bump a puppy over the edge. If it falls, try to catch it quickly! 

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Who created Puppy Merge?

Puppy Merge was created by BestPhysics. 

When was Puppy Merge first released?

This game was first released on June 19, 2024.