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Pretty Avatar Maker

Pretty Avatar Maker is a design-your-own-avatar game for girls. Create a cartoon version of yourself. Create a character to represent you online, or have fun designing some avatars for your friends.

How to play Pretty Avatar Maker?

This design game has lots of options to customize the eye shape and color, skin color, hairdo and hair colour, make-up up, and other features of your character’s look. Choose whether you want long hair or short hair, your own hair color or a multicolor hairdo. You can even give each eye a different color.

In this avatar creation game, you can choose your own look. There are category buttons down the side of the design panel, and more customization menu buttons along the top as well to tailor individual features. In each menu, the last page contains a color wheel that allows you to change the hue of the selected feature.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play. Press the buttons along the left side of the panel, and check the buttons at the top to choose the feature you want to change.
  • Tap on the arrows to scroll through the customization options, or to use the color wheel on the last page.

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Who developed Pretty Avatar Maker?

Pretty Avatar Maker was developed by DL-Studio.