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Poptropica is a role-playing game full of quirky quests. You’re an adventurer, flying from one fantastical island to the next in your blimp. Talk to the inhabitants and figure out what’s going on. From fairytales to detective mysteries, there’s plenty of stories to explore with your customizable Poptropica character.

Create a Poptropica login so you can easily save your progress, your island medallions, and your in-game credits.

How to play Poptropica?

Welcome to Poptropica, an adventurer’s paradise! Explore a great number of islands with unique themes and comedic quests to complete. Each island has a funny plot populated with odd Poptropica characters.

On each island, there’s a central story or mystery to solve. Some of these problem-solving scenarios are divided up into several side quests, in which additional characters will ask you for help solving a problem. These mini quests will grant you the tools or clues you need to complete the main mission. 

Explore the island and tap on any items you can interact with. It helps to talk to the NPCs as well. Other characters will often provide you with clues or useful items, so pay attention to what they say.

Still not sure how to proceed? Check your quest inventory to view all the items you’ve collected during the current quest. There might be something you’ve overlooked.  

Game Controls

  • Move the mouse across the screen
  • Tap and hold close to your character to walk in that direction
  • Tap and hold further away from your character to run
  • Tap above your character to jump
  • Tap an item to interact with it if your cursor arrow changes into a finger

Old Poptropica Islands

Poptropica was designed by Jeff Kinney, who later became famous for his cartoon-novel series Diary of a Wimpy Kid. The game was originally launched in 2007, and has since been expanded with lots of different island quests. However, not all of the classic islands and mini quests have been preserved.   

The game was originally built on Adobe Flash. When Flash was discontinued at the end of 2020, the creators of Poptropica were not able to immediately port all of the old islands to HTML5. Several of Poptropica’s old islands have now been returned to this browser version.

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Who created Poptropica?

Poptropica was created by Poptropica Ltd.

When was Poptropica first released?

This game was first released in July, 2007. This version was published in February, 2024.