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Mini Golf Saga

Mini Golf Saga is an immersive 3D mini-golf game set against the backdrop of a sunny tropical beach. Complete 8 increasingly difficult courses by knocking the ball into the hole.

How to play Mini Golf Saga?

Knock the ball into the hole before you run out of turns. The amount of turns you have for each golf course is shown as a row of golf balls displayed along the bottom of the screen. Each swing of your golf club eliminates one ball.

Tap on the ball and hold. Drag the mouse or your finger away from the ball to set the direction and speed of your swing. Release to shoot the ball away. Make sure the ball stays within the boundaries of the course, or you’ll have to return to the start. The same happens if you shoot your ball into the water.

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Who created Mini Golf Saga?

Mini Golf Saga was created by MarketJS.

When was Mini Golf Saga first released?

This game was first released on February 26, 2024.