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Mahjong Relax Online

Mahjong Relax Online is a mahjong puzzle game with hundreds of levels. You can choose between three difficulty settings - easy, medium, and hard. Can you find the matching pairs of tiles and remove them from the board?

How to play Mahjong Relax Online?

In this mahjong game, the objectve is to clear away all of the tiles. The matching stones can be selected and combined to form a pair as long as they are both free on one of the long sides. In addition, tiles that are wholly or partially covered by any other tile cannot be played.

When you combine a matching pair, these tiles will vanish from the board. This will often allow you to free up new tiles to combine. The game automatically  recenters and zooms in on the remaining tiles as you clear sections of the board.

Collect coins to unlock new tile sets, backgrounds, and background music in the shop. This mahjong solitaire game also features hints and a shuffle button. You can only use these bonus features a limited number of times though, so use them wisely.

Game Controls

  • Use the mouse to play. Tap two tiles to select and combine them. Playable tiles are highlighted and will turn green when selected. Tiles that are not playable are shaded gray and will wobble if you try to pick them.

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Who developed Mahjong Relax Online?

Mahjong Relax Online was created by Chorse Games Ltd.