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Hex Takeover

Defend your turf in Hex Takeover! Prepare for battle in this turn-based online game. 

You’ll be going up against a few ruthless opponents in this board game. The goal is to swipe as many of their hexagons as you can during each challenging confrontation. Will you be able to seize all of them before they drive you completely off the board?

How to Play Hex Takeover?

Try to conquer the board in this competitive puzzle game. During each one of your turns, you’ll get the opportunity to steal your opponent’s hexagons by jumping onto one near them. Every one of their hexagons you touch will become yours. The goal is to take over the board and seize all of their hexagons.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to jump onto a hexagon.

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Who Developed Hex Takeover?

Hex Takeover was created by Game Worthy Studios Inc.