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Helicopter Escape

Take to the skies in Helicopter Escape! There's a group of hostages who are depending on you to rescue them in this 3D shooting game.

A group of aliens and terrorists have teamed up to cause tons of trouble in a series of office buildings in the business district of a major metropolitan city. Now it's up to you to get their hostages out of there in this action game.

Aim carefully and take them down as fast as you can as the hostages race across rooftops to get to your chopper. You'll earn cash during each mission that you can use to purchase different weapons, outfits, and a few more helicopters!

How to Play Helicopter Escape? 

A group of hostages are trying to escape from their captors in this intense aim and shoot game. Use your weapons to hold them off until the hostages reach your helicopter.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to shoot.

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Who Developed Helicopter Escape?

Helicopter Escape was created by 2Play.