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Funny Heroes Emergency

You’re needed at the hospital in Funny Heroes Emergency! Can you help out the injured heroes in this medical simulation game?

Defending entire cities from the forces of evil isn’t for the faint of heart. It can be really dangerous sometimes. Just ask these two superheroes! Each one got pretty banged up earlier this afternoon while they were grappling with a few supervillains.

Can you patch them up in this doctor game for players of all ages? You’ll need to clean their wounds, put ointment on them, remove sticks from their hair, and even fix a few of their teeth! They could also use your help while they pick out new uniforms. Their old ones got really damaged during their last battle.

How to Play Funny Heroes Emergency?

Funny Heroes Emergency is a superheroic simulation game where you’ll get to work as a doctor in an ER who is treating two injured heroes. Quickly deal with each one of their injuries so they can get back to fighting crime and bad guys as soon as possible!

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to select various tools and ointments in the ER.

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Who Developed Funny Heroes Emergency?

Funny Heroes Emergency was created by iclickgames.