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Football Master

Football Master is a soccer game with smooth 3D graphics. Kick the ball into the goal and complete a series of challenges. Hit the targets and coins while avoiding the obstacles and the goalkeepers.

How to play Football Master?

In this sports game, you’ll start with some easy penalty shots to get the hang of the game. Swipe to aim and kick the ball between the goal posts. Hit the red targets if you can. Gradually, the next levels will begin to introduce some obstacles, starting with stationary yellow cutouts to represent the goalkeepers.

As you progress through the levels, the obstacles will become more challenging. You’ll have to kick the ball past moving targets and human goalkeepers who will dive for the ball. Shoot the ball between the traffic cones or through a tiny opening in a board that’s blocking the goal.

You’ll also learn how to curve the ball to hit all of the coins and avoid the goalie and the defending players. You can use the coins you’ve earned to unlock a bunch of funny new characters.

Game Controls


  • Left click, hold and swipe to aim and kick the ball


  • Place you finger on the screen and swipe in the direction you want to kick the ball

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Who developed Football Master?

Football Master was developed by 2Play.