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Five Heads Soccer

The road to the finals begins right here! How far will your team get in Five Heads Soccer?

Whether you call this beloved sport soccer or football, you’ll get a big kick out of it. The first thing to do is decide which country you’ll be representing. Then it will be time to head to the field for your first match in this exciting soccer game. You’ll be going up against some of the best teams from around the world as you fight your way toward the final game and try to earn the coveted trophy.

How to Play Five Heads Soccer?

Five Heads Soccer is a challenging football game. Form a team of two players or just one as you step onto the field for each match.

Game Controls

  • PRESS A OR THE LEFT ARROW to run left.
  • PRESS W OR THE UP ARROW to jump.
  • PRESS D OR THE RIGHT ARROW to run right.

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Who Developed Five Heads Soccer?

Five Heads Soccer was created by Physical Form.