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Dune Surfer

Surf's up? Not quite! How far will you make it in Dune Surfer?

There's an entire desert to explore in this flying skill game. It may not be a majestic beach in California, but it's still possible to surf out there. Plus, it's a gorgeous night and the weather is perfect. Collect coins while you blast over the dunes and attempt to stay in the air for as long as possible.

How to Play Dune Surfer?

Dune Surfer is a challenging online game that lets you surf through a desert. The goal is to collect tons of coins while you attempt to continue surfing for as long as you can.

Game Controls


  • LEFT CLICK AND HOLD to gain speed.
  • RELEASE to fly.
  • LEFT CLICK AGAIN to dive.

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Who Developed Dune Surfer?

Dune Surfer was created by Inlogic Software.