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Conveyor Deli

The lunch rush is about to get downright intense! Serve all of the customers as quickly as you can in Conveyor Deli

These two cooks need to crank out sandwiches as fast as possible in order to earn big bucks. If a customer leaves their cafe without getting one, they won’t write a bad Yelp review. They’ll leave a bomb on their stool instead in this hilarious and fast-paced restaurant game

How to Play Conveyor Deli? 

Conveyor Deli is an exciting management game. Join the cooks while they try to keep both their fridge stocked and slide sandwiches across the counter to their customers. Just move fast! If the customers don’t get their sandwiches, they’ll start breaking out bombs! 

Game Controls 

  • Mouse 
  • LEFT CLICK to slide a sandwich across the counter. 
  • Keyboard 
  • Or you can PRESS THE SPACEBAR instead. 

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Who Developed Conveyor Deli? 

Conveyor Deli was designed by Gametapas.