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Classic Mine Sweeper

Classic Mine Sweeper is a timeless logic puzzle game that was ubiquitous in the Windows XP era. Relive the simple elegance of this nostalgic brain teaser. Can you flag all the hidden mines in the grid without getting blown up?

You can play this game in beginner, normal, or expert mode.

How to play Classic Mine Sweeper?

Deadly mines are hidden under several of the blank squares in the grid. If you can correctly flag all of the mines, you win the game. However, opening a tile with a mine hidden underneath will kill you!

Click on any unopened square to expose what’s under the tile. You might see a number, or an empty cell (the latter will automatically open all adjacent empty cells as well).

The numbers you see on the opened squares indicate how many of the tiles directly surrounding it contain a mine. Use this information to work out the precise location of each mine. You can mark the mines by placing a flag on that cell. Tap and hold until a flag appears, and then release.

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Who created Classic Mine Sweeper?

Classic Mine Sweeper was created by RavalMatic. 

When was Classic Mine Sweeper first released?

This game was first released on May 17, 2024.