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Save The Guy

Can you help out in Save The Guy? This desperate dude and his friends would really appreciate it in this exciting online game.

Each one of them is hanging around in this physics-based puzzle game. Literally! Remove the ropes they're entangled in so they can reach the exit in each level. Be careful, though! Many of the levels feature super sharp spikes and plenty of other deadly things that could really ruin their day!

How to Play Save The Guy?

Save The Guy is an intense skill game. Loosen the ropes so that the guy in each level can reach safety. You'll have to activate or move various platforms, but watch out! There's also plenty of dangerous objects that could kill them.

Game Controls

  • LEFT CLICK to remove ropes, lower or activate platforms, and more.

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Who Developed Save the Guy?

Save the Guy was created by DAB3Games.